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A person’s credit report plays a significant role to process loan and credit card applications and hence, it is of utmost importance to keep an eye at the updated reports at regular intervals to check out the approval chances. So, if you’re struggling to find an authentic and trustworthy platform to get the details checked, you probably have landed to a right place.

Credit Score

We provide you a convenient platform to keep a regular check on your credit score. A credit score is a three-digit numeric expression ranging between 300 and 900, which determines the creditworthiness of an individual. Lenders usually approve applications with a score higher than 700.

These scores are generated on the basis of information provided by the banks and lending institutions such as number of active loan accounts, credit mix, average age of credit accounts, number of credit cards, outstanding debts, derogatory remarks, and so on.

Credit Report

Credit report and credit score are often misunderstood as same document, though both serves different purposes. At Scocre, individuals can check their credit report – a detailed breakdown of their credit history, to know their credit activity and repayment track record. A credit report consists of details like the name of lenders that have extended you loans or credits, your available credit limit, credit utilization ratio, total outstanding amount, and so on.

In case of having any delinquent accounts, foreclosures, bankruptcies, lawsuits, or derogatory remarks, these are also mentioned in a credit report.

Credit Score Updation –

At Scocre, you can check the most updated version of your credit report. Our system is quick to adopt the changes reflecting in your report and thus, provides quick solution to improve the credit standing before it’s too late.  

We understand the significance of remaining updated with the credit information and thus, delivers the users with the latest version of updated credit report. We have a strong network across the nation and thus, our reports are updated every month and not just once in a while.

Account Information –

At Scocre, users can get their detailed credit account information including total number of credit accounts, active loan accounts, outstanding balance, number of active credit cards, and credit utilization ratio along with payment history. Catering to users’ requirement, we provide them detailed information in terms of their credit accounts, so that they can make an informed decision to plan the things ahead.

The account information is procured through our strong network, so that one can rest assure about the authenticity of the credit information. Getting the entire credit account details at one place, helps a user to understand what factor is having what impact on the credit score.

Enquiries –

Whenever a user or a lender requests the credit report from credit reporting agency, it pulls an enquiry. Although, there are two types of enquiries – soft and hard, both having different impact on the credit report. While, soft enquiries don’t have any impact on the credit report, frequent hard enquiries could be harmful for a borrower causing a drop in the credit score.

Soft enquiries are generally pulled by individual or potential lenders to check a user’s credit standing. When a potential lender requests a soft enquiry, it is purposely to check the credit history, on the basis of which pre-approved loan or credit offers are given to a user.

On the other hand, when a person applies for a new loan or credit, lenders pulls a hard enquiry to check the applicant’s payment history and creditworthiness before processing the application. Each hard enquiry have a negative impact on the credit score and thus, to not sound as credit hungry, it is advised to avoid making frequent loan or credit requests.

At Scocre, a user can check their enquiry details such as who pulled an enquiry, loan or credit type, and date of enquiry. This will give users a fair idea about where they are heading in terms of planning the finances ahead.

Download Report –

Those checking their credit score at Scocre can download the credit report in PDF format to get detailed insights to the credit health. To download the report, users are just required to follow a few easy steps – sign up to Scocre, an OTP will be sent to verify the mobile number, and select download report option from dashboard.

Overdraft Facility –

We have tie-up with a network of banks and financial institutions to provide you with an overdraft facility. Basically, overdraft facility is a credit agreement where a person can withdraw excess money than what they have in their bank accounts.

At Scocre, you can check your pre-approved overdraft limit to plan your finances accordingly. Of course, no one can predict the upcoming emergencies, so it’s better to be prepared with affordable financial tools.

Raise a dispute –

Inaccuracies in credit report happen quite often, either due to manual error or system failure. For instance, a borrower has closed all its active loan accounts and paid the dues in full, but still if the report is showing an outstanding balance, even of Rs.10, it’s significant to report the dispute as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will keep influencing the credit scores and overall credit health. Many borrowers while applying for a new loan or credit wonder why their application has got rejected, but little did they know it is because the report is showing an outstanding balance, which a borrower is not aware of. Therefore, raise a dispute before getting dragged in such a situation unintentionally.