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SCOCRE Privacy Policy

This privacy policy document of SCOCRE has been drafted to provide information about our reasonable security practices and sensitive data collection in order to deliver our services. We work on our key fundamental principles to maintain trust and faith of our customer in us. We understand the importance of our customer’s privacy and thus, are committed towards maintaining confidentiality and security of all information that we collect from our users.

Before accessing this website, it is advised to go through this privacy policy document to understand how we collect and handles certain information, so that we receive our users’ consent to provide our products and services at SCOCRE. In addition, it is strongly recommended to review this webpage on regular basis to stay updated regarding any changes or modification in our privacy policy.

Usage of website:

SCOCRE is basically intended to provide credit-related services for personal and non-commercial use. By visiting the website, you agree to the website’s terms and conditions for the usage and thus, give SCOCRE the right to contact you either electronically or via telephonic calls. Moreover, the website is accessible only for the users aged above 18 years and are individually responsible for maintaining the secrecy of login id and passwords and other account information. You’ll be solely responsible for any use of the website either by you or any other using your id-password for account login.

Also, in order to access our services, you agree to provide true, accurate, and complete information at the time of registering at SCOCRE or when prompted by the website. In case of any false, inaccurate or incomplete details, SCOCRE bears the right to suspend or terminate that particular account or may refuse to provide any further services in connection thereto.

Information that we collect:

In order to deliver personalized services to our customers as per their requirements, we basically collect non-personal and personal information from our users. Non-personal information includes collecting details about the users’ IP address, type of browser they are using, browser version, what operating system they’re working on, and what was the source of visiting our website. In addition, we also use cookies and other advanced technical methods to collect information and store online preferences of users. We may also use our marketing campaigns developed by us or our associates to capture information of our target audience.

On the other hand, personal information collected by SCOCRE includes user name, address, contact details, and email address. The details are gathered to deliver credit-services as per our customer’s need and requirement.
We may also collect information regarding your employment details, additional source of income, total years of work experience, income tax returns, and credit-related information such as number of active loans, total outstanding, and payment history.

User consent – By visiting our website and uploading your details as requested, you’re certainly giving your consent to us to use and share your information with the third party websites (including marketing channels and business partners) in order to do an aggregate check on your financial profile to streamline your overall experience with us. You also give consent for allowing us to follow you up through SMS, emails and/or direct calls in relation to the services offered at SCOCRE.

How do we collect information?

Cookies – We use cookies to gather users’ information, though you can control whether to allow us using the cookies or not. In case of not accepting the cookies, you might miss out some features and services available at our website as we may find it difficult to recognize and associate you. Furthermore, the services you’ll find after not accepting cookies may not be relevant to you as per your interest and requirements.
On the other hand, if you allow us using cookies, you’re allowing us to store small data files on your computer in order to gather information to identify the user, the behavioral pattern, what a user is looking for, and to modify our website to be more efficient, relevant and user-friendly. We might also share the information to display advertising from third party companies.

Web beacons – Web beacons are basically small graphic images or other web programming code that we might use to gather customer’s information, to count users of the services, to monitor how many emails were actually opened by the users that were sent to them, to determine how a user navigates the services, or to count how many webpage or links a user has actually visited. However, it may be noted that the web beacons are not used for gathering personal information of a user.

Embedded scripts – Embedded scripts are programming code that we use to collect information regarding user’s interaction or engagement with the services offered at SCOCRE. Your device downloads the code on temporary basis from our web server or third party service provider and remains active only until a user is engaged to the services. Once a user leaves the website, the code is deactivated or deleted automatically.

Targeted advertising – We might us third-party platform to serve advertisements on our website based on your interest and preferences. We gather information through targeted advertisements to count your visits to our website. This anonymous information is collected via pixel tag technology. It may be noted that no personal or confidential information is collected with the use of this process.

How we use the information collected?

When we collect users’ data or information, our prime objective is to provide you with tailored products and services that they are looking for. We use the information to improve the quality of our products and services and to communicate for the purposes related to our services in order to deliver an unmatched experience to the user.

Besides this, we also merge database of our users to determine the trends or statistics to identify how users are engaging at our website and what they are most interested in. We might also use the user information in other ways as permissible by certain law.

Purpose of information collection

Our prime objective of collecting information is to improve the quality of our services to our valued customers. By visiting our website, you allow SCOCRE or our third party service providers to collect IP address and other relevant information. At times, these details are utilized to collect information regarding the frequency of visiting various webpages on our website. We, either individually or through our associate partners, affiliates, advisors, group companies, agents, etc. combine your IP address to other identifiable information for accelerating our marketing campaigns and for conducting market research on various subjects.

Link to third-party websites

SCOCRE don’t sell or share any user’s confidential information to third parties for any given reason without their consent. However, we might share non-personal user data with the third party websites.
Third party links on our behalf – We might allow third party websites to use our customer’s data in order to provide certain services on behalf of SCOCRE, such as hosting the services, tracking the analytics or website performance. Although, third party links are bind with an agreement that they won’t misuse the user data or use the information for any other purpose apart from providing their services either to SCOCRE or its user base.
Co-branded services – Some aspects of our services might be associated with external links such as sponsors, advertisers, and business partners and thus, being a part of our business, we may require sharing the information with them, though that would not be without a user’s consent. In case you register at SCOCRE through third-party channel, you might be sharing your personal information to both of us. Any information shared with the external parties is subject to their individual privacy policy and SCOCRE helds no responsibility in such a case.

Legal purposes – In case of any legal liability, we may access, preserve, use, share and disclose user’s personal and non-personal information to
Satisfy any applicable law, regulation, government requests, subpoenas, and/or legal process within the lines required or permitted by the law.
Protect or defend the terms and conditions of our services or any other policy offered here at SCOCRE including investigation of potential violations.
Protect the safety and rights of the property or security of our services or third-party services.
Identify, prevent or address any fraudulent, suspicious activity or technical glitch to avoid misuse of our database such as user’s IP address or personal information.
Notably, all such actions can be carried out without sending any notice or notification to the user and may be done in cooperation with third parties including internet service providers, copyright owners, and law enforcement agencies.

Disclosure of information

When a user registers at SCOCRE, they certainly give us their consent to share the information with the third parties for relevant purpose only under a confidentiality agreement for provision of services which restricts third parties to further share or disclose user’s data for any purpose other than mentioned in agreement.
In addition, SCOCRE bears no responsibility for any breach of security by the third party for sharing any information with them. Also, by accessing our website and services, you agree to allow us to disclose the information to the external parties for the given purposes:
Disclosing user’s personal information to the banks and financial institutions in order to access their financial health.
In order to conduct data analysis of our users, we may share customers’ information with the external parties to improve our service quality and tailor them as per users’ need and requirement.
We may also need to disclose user’s information to comply with the legal order or as requested by the government or any statutory authority such as in response to a criminal case or credit dispute. Although, we assure to disclose any such details to comply with a court order, subpoena, ongoing judicial proceedings, or any other legal obligation.