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About Us

We at Scocre aims to provide financial assistance to people across the world so that they could have access to affordable loan and credit card offers to lead a higher quality of life. We are registered with the top credit bureaus of India and thus, are timely updated with the details about individuals’ credit score and credit reports. We help our customers to thoroughly assess their credit standing in order to make some financially optimized decisions, while making them to understand the importance of being in a good credit shape. We believe this could only be possible if you follow sound and effective financial strategies and this is what we’re here for.

We maintain the largest financial collection details of our consumers globally, of which they can have access to at a mouse click. Scocre unlocks great opportunities to lead life’s biggest dreams like buying a house or your favorite sport bike or expanding the business boundaries at the global level. Of course, all this requires a hefty sum of amount and as a family’s breadwinner, it’s doesn’t seems to be convenient to shell out the entire savings just to pursue a single need or desire.

We together with a leading credit bureau gather users’ data to analyze and process it in such a way that they can manage and control their finances well through responsible and smarter decisions. Till the day, we have delivered our financial services to thousands of clients (and still counting). Our network is spread across India, so that we could engage with our clients from any corner of the country.

Every day our team of expert professionals is looking forward to advanced technologies to help our clients prosper and economies flourish. Our mission is not done yet to give you a better tomorrow.

Our values and beliefs:

Integrity– We believe honesty, trust, and respect is the base of any manual interaction and this is what we stand with. We are extremely committed towards providing security and accuracy to our clientele, while moving our business to next levels.

Inspired– We are people’s business and thus, are always motivated and inspired towards new and fresh ideas. We are catalyst to change and are willing to adopt smart strategies to move our company forward, while helping our clientele to make informed decisions.

Innovation– We are inclined towards adopting new innovations every day to guide our clients through making informed financial decisions. We work on advanced digital platforms to ensure security and privacy of our client’s personal details.

Information security:

At Scocre, we are designated to work on highly secured and integrated platform, so that our clients could rest assure that their personal information is in safe hands. Our platform works as an antidote against the innumerable fraud techniques such as phishing, vishing, and smishing.

How to avoid falling prey to fraud transactions?

  • Don’t receive or call back on a suspicious number
  • Don’t trust a sender blindly even if the sender’s name is an abbreviated form of some trusted entity
  • Don’t click or open the links sent via SMS
  • Don’t download any app from a link sent via suspicious SMS.